Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Perspective on Orthography

I did not expect there to be swearing here, but this once there will be an exception for the benefit of 50 Cent, whose responses to comments about spelling errors in his Twitter posts are the most concise (if maybe a little overenthusiastic) rebuttal to the Eats, Shoots & Leaves school of editing crusades I've ever read.
Da next niga 2 korrect my spellin gone get killedYou fuck boys no how we do in da south lol brrr
about 11 hours ago via ÜberTwitter
Look this aint school this is twitter bitch and you can find somthing else to do with yo funky assFuckin wit me shit
about 3 hours ago via ÜberTwitter
From: http://twitter.com/50cent [Caution: Impolite language and subject matter.]
Via: Jezebel.com

As for my position on this question, I only send corrections to newspapers and to literary or journalistic blogs, where the writers likely care whether their spelling and grammar are impeccable or not.

The English language was around long before we were born and will be around long after we die; it can defend itself staunchly and well. That is why I feel more compelled to assist it here and there, than to singlehandedly launch an offensive to slay imperfect usage whilst bewailing a noble lingua's demise.

It may be news to some, but even in the centuries of Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson, and Charles Dickens not everyone in the English-speaking world spelled correctly; in fact, many people were wholly illiterate.

Anyway, I could write far more on the subject, but enough for the present!

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